Sunday, 22 April 2012

Iran-India Conference

Ok, this is the last full day of being in California. I have been here for over two weeks now, managed to go to the Bay Area for the first time since I moved to London, which is quite good in fact. I also did manage to make myself busy enough not to get to see some of my best friends, including the BFF. Best part, of course, and the reason why this "last day" is so sad, was seeing Sara. Wish we were not so far from each other!

The purpose of the trip was this long-in-planning conference on Iran and India and their historic connections. Great papers ranging from a comparison of Indian and Iranian takes on Japan at the beginning of the 20th century to my own redrawing of the late antique history of Central Asia to a series of Sanskrit words in Arabic and Chinese. Well organised, lightly spaced out, and thus quite fun. I wish all conferences could be fun like this.

Now, back to London, as I miss home!

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